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Kafila Marketing Pvt. Ltd., which is called as KAFILA also, is a private limited company, registered under Indian Company Act, 1956, with Head Office at Patiala (Pb.).

Kafila Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is lead by a group of professionals from various fields.

Kafila is working for providing opportunities to the human kind for financial freedom and total employment.

KAFILA has been conceived as people’s organization, started by the local permanent residents of area, it will work in the interests of people, responsibly to provide employment to youth and financial freedom to people.

KAFILA is a marketing organization offering a variety of products and services.

KAFILA presents Daily Useable Items with an innovative and revolutionary idea to earn handsome income through a Unique Business Concept.

Our relationships with customers are based on the following core values: QUALITY, TRUST & RESPECT.

QUALITY: We provide products with a living benefits package.

TRUST: We only use the products of A-rated companies with a proven track record of honouring their commitments.

RESPECT: We treat people the way we want to be treated. We believe in service during and after the sale. We provide friendly atmosphere at our premises, where a person want to visit again and again.

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Kafila company is being pre launched in March 2014 and launched in the April of 2014. We welcome you all to be part of our Kafila family.


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